Laura Rich

I picked up my first camera in 1975 and have been taking pictures ever since. I was unhappy with results I got from the cheap cameras they made for kids back then. When I was 12, I asked my dad if I could use his ultra cool Pentax Spotmatic 1000 that sat unused in the back of his closet. He handed it over and I really discovered the art of photography. Eventually I bought the Pentax from him and I used it for about 20 years. I went digital in the late '90s and never looked back. I was in heaven. I could shoot as much as I liked and only print the pictures I wanted to keep. I love the medium and the pursuit of the "perfect" shot. As a mom, my favorite subjects are my own children. They are (usually) willing subjects, but sometimes they're uncooperative and make silly faces while I snap away! When they get married, I'll show THOSE photos to their spouses...ahhh...paybacks! Email Me